Trash Tips for Windy Days

Tips to secure Trash for Windy days

It seems like it's rarely windy, but if it is, it's a trash day!

The new trash bins almost everyone uses are much less susceptible to blowing over, but for those still using their own trash cans, nobody wants their neighbors' trash blowing into their yards (or making the open space ugly and costing us money to clean it up), so we're sharing clever tips and ideas how to keep your trash from blowing away:

  • Remember that the trash truck can come any time from 8am to 8pm on trash days, and a calm morning can suddenly give way to 100MPH winds later -- so please plan to secure your trash assuming the worst conditions, not the best.
  • Make everything heavy. If you can easily lift it, it can blow.
  • Don't put empty boxes or other loose items out, no matter what (put them in trash cans/bags with other heavy articles)
  • Make sure trash cans are heavy enough not to blow down the street
  • Lay rectangular trash cans down so they don't fall over and spill or slide
  • Tie plastic trash bags together -- so the whole collection is heavier (tie with your neighbors if you don't have enough)
  • Place trash on the non-windy side of large brick mailboxes (the wind seems to mostly come from the west or north)
  • Tie trash bags together around a light-pole or mailbox pole, so if the wind blows the pole keeps them in place (put the weight downwind of the pole)
  • Be aware that birds and our other wildlife can tear plastic bags open to get at food
  • Place a brick, rock, or other heavy object on top of recycled papers in the recycle bin (or tie newspapers into bundles with string)
  • Get trash cans with lids that latch into place
  • Avoid round trash cans, which roll easily
  • Use a bungee cord to tie two trash cans together around a light pole
  • Drill holes and attach your lids to your cans with rope/etc.
  • Have family members who are home keep an eye on things if the wind kicks up
  • -- and be neighborly about securing your neighbors trash if it looks like it might blow
  • Use a wheeled trash-cart carrier to place your trash cans in

Please don't call the association asking to speed up the trash trucks -- they would if they could! (But if you find the switch to turn off the wind, do tell.) The trash company has a schedule to keep so can't come only on calm days, and we can't change what route they use to drive through the neighborhood. They have come as late as 9pm at night (and as early as 7:30am), so it's up to all of us to secure our trash in case of strong winds.

Please share tips!

If you have any clever tips you use to keep your trash from blowing, please click here to share with us. And please share this list of tips with your neighbors so we can keep the trash from flying!


—Andrew Burt, Board President

Note for January... Please remember to put Christmas trees out at your curb for regular trash pickup. Please do NOT put them at the Estates entry way -- we have not had pickup there for several years, and have had to pay extra money to have them removed from there! Thanks! (Also, reminder that trash pickup is often a day later after Christmas and New Years. Check the calendar to make sure.)

Additional comments from neighbors:

Bless you for addressing this ongoing problem. My simple suggestion for windy trash days is to use the biggest and sturdiest trash bags you can find... and not use trash cans at all. I use 3 mill contractor trash bags that I have found only at Home Depot. Big trash bags end up being heavy bags... which supports your general premise. Even if the big bags end up blowing around a bit. . they don't tend to break, and usually end up being picked up.

As for sharing tips with neighbors... We have neighbors who stuff trash cans to overflowing... with no lids... we are down wind... and I regularly pick up all sorts of their garbage from our yard after a windy trash day. On those few times when I have been home... when I see their trash start its journey around the neighborhood, I have grabbed trash bags and gone to their door... explained that their trash is on the loose, and asked if they have a few minutes to help my bag it before it goes all over the neighborhood. They have pitched in to help with the cleanup... do not seem to be offended, but have never seemed to pick up on the point that they could bag their trash on windy days on their own.

1. Never use trash cans; they always get blown over with the slightest bit of wind. Instead use garbage bag liners in your trash cans during the week and just pull the bags out and place together by the curb. We've never had a problem with the bags blowing off.

2. Residents who repeatedly use trash cans should be responsible for picking up their trash that blows into neighbors yards or into open space areas. It's easy to identify these people as their name and address is on most of their wind blown trash.

Thanks for trying to keep our neighborhood clean!

Use large, rectangular trash cans on wheels with attached lids. They will sometimes fall over when empty, but not when full if put level on the sidewalk and back to back if you have two (wheels together). For the recycling, put the newspapers on top and then use large rocks to secure them. The newspapers will keep the rest of the recycling from blowing around. The trash guys then just throw the rocks back in the planting area near where we leave our trash. That has worked for us for years.

You mentioned some great suggestions, including a couple I had not considered bu t seem like they would certainly help. I'm now on the hunt for rectangular trash bins! My suggestion is not "clever", but merely common sense. However, our neighbors to the west do not seem to "get it" . . . all packaging "popcorn" should be placed in plastic bags and tied securely to avoid spillage. We cannot weed our gardens without finding foam popcorn in the foliage. Over the years it gets really a nnoying. If you add this, please put it in bold.

Have more tips? Share with us-- please click here to share with us.